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    ACSE is an independent, nonprofit professional organization headquartered in Chicago. Our missions are promoting friendships and exchanging professional information and experiences among members. More about ACSE
    May 19, 2018   Block Chain Meet Up
    科工专大数据分会, MCANDREWS, CTIA -Blockchain Meetup - May 19, 2018
    Time: May 19, 2018 (Saturday), 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Place: 300 W Madison St. #34, Chicao IL 60661
    Address: 300 W Madison St. #34, Chicao IL 60661
    For more information please contact: Stanley Zhou @7735906427

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    News Headline
    Mar. 10, 2018   云南省政府高层次人才招聘团芝加哥招贤纳士
    On Mar 10, 云南省政府与科工专联合主办的2018年云南省海外高层次人才招聘交流项目洽谈会在伊利诺伊理工学院(IIT)成功举行
    Feb. 17, 2018   2018 科工专及校友会新春联谊:喜庆吉祥 精彩纷呈
    On Feb 17, ACSE Chinese New Year Celebration
    Nov 12, 2017   回顾历史展望未来,科工专隆重庆祝成立25周年
    On Nov 12, ACSE Celebrates 25th Anniversary
    Oct 28, 2017   科工专大数据人工智能分会成功举办首次专家论坛
    On Oct 28, ACSE AI & BIG Data Forum Opening Weekend -- Machine Learning, IoT, AI
    Oct 7, 2017   科工专25届年会圆满落幕:聚焦智能革命的机遇和挑战 肖小林当选新一届会长
    On Oct 7, ACSE 25th Annual Conference: Unlatching Opportunities and Challenges Evolved from the Digital Revolution

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    2018年云南省人才项目Jobs List: 2018年云南省人才项目需求信息

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