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    ACSE is an independent, nonprofit professional organization headquartered in Chicago. Our missions are promoting friendships and exchanging professional information and experiences among members. More about ACSE
    Upcoming Events
    Oct. 7, 2017   ACSE 25th Annual Conference
    ACSE will host our 25th annual conference on 10/7/2017. This year's theme is "Unlatching Opportunities and Challenges Evolved from the Digital Revolution"

    Time: Oct. 7, 2017 (Sat.), 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    Location: Holiday Inn of Rolling Meadows
    Address: 3405 Algonquin Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
    Online Registration Required:

    Event Details

    News Headline
    May 22, 2016   科工专与希林西北中文学校合办求职就业讲座 反响热烈
    On May 22, ACSE and Xilin Northwest Chinese School co-organized a seminar focusing on how to prepare for job interview and other career related topics.
    Feb 21, 2016   2016ƹר´꣺ ܰ
    Feb 19, 2016   ֣ʷǿ˲
    ֣5ó40ڣ 1350´ҵ˲ŻŶӣ߿ɻ1Ԫ֧


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